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EFT Coaching and Consulting LLC
Denver, NC

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Do you feel blocked, stuck, unmotivated?
Image of a man frustrated, stressed, blocked, lost confidence

Are you working harder, but earning less?

Have you lost confidence in yourself or your business?

Are you ready to reconnect with the passion of doing what you love?

If you answered YES to any of the above,a revolutionary type of business coaching or life coaching through success coaching using EFT can help you rapidly transform the quality of your life or business.

EFT Coaching & Consulting, LLC has the life coaching, and small business marketing services necessary to help you quickly begin achieving your goals.

Success Coaching For Rapid Life & Business Transformation

As a success coach, I am passionate about assisting success minded people to rapidly transform the quality of their life or business. Using success coaching, I specialize in helping you quickly identify and remove blocks, those things that hold you back, keep you stuck. Using EFT is one technique I employ with success coaching. I empower all my clients by teaching them to use this life changing technique. EFT is an energy technique I am truly passionate about and a technique I love because it truly works!

Think about a goal you would like to achieve right now. It could be a personal goal, a business or financial goal. Perhaps it is simply to regain the passion you once had for the work you do.

Whatever it is, imagine finding out exactly what has been keeping you from achieving that goal, sabotaging your efforts. Think what it would be like to quickly and easily get rid of it.

Imagine tapping into higher levels of your own potential, greater creativity, inspiration, being able to quickly develop new skills.  How would your success change? This is precisely how my success coaching works and it can work for you too.

Using EFT

Thanks to EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques) you never need be controlled by stress, fear, anxiety, doubt, poor self image or any other negative emotions again. View some of our EFT Coaching Services and Life Coaching options, all are designed for rapid life and business transformation.


Using EFT, a Meridian Tapping Technique , works quickly, easily and painlessly to help you release negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress, fear, doubt, resentment, jealousy, and a host of others. It can boost your self confidence and improve creativity, job performance, academics, and athletic performance.


EFT Teleclasses

EFT Teleclasses are also available. Register to attend a live teleclass or purchase a recorded EFT teleclass or choose EFT audios to listen to at your leisure, as often as you like.

Contact EFT Coaching & Consulting, LLC now and schedule a FREE consultation. Unleash the power of life coaching plus success coaching services and start living the quality of life you desire, free from blocks or self-limiting beliefs. Using EFT gives you back the freedom of choice. Call NOW!

Other products and services are available as well such as web site hosting, marketing, Realtor® resources, web site design and full color postcards.

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