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Articles: Resolving Blocks With EFT

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Resolving Blocks With EFT

By Judith A. Wentzel, CTACC, EFT-ADV

Do you feel stuck, in a rut? Have you felt that no matter how hard you work you just didn't seem to get ahead or make a difference in the situation? Have you ever experienced writers block?

These are all descriptions of types of blocks or personal obstacles we encounter. But just what are blocks and what can be done about being blocked?

Blocks are the result of emotional static build up that inhibits our energy from flowing freely through our body. This build up generally blocks one or more of our energy meridians which in turn causes us to feel rather out of sorts. It creates a short circuit, a zzzzzzt in our system due to the disruption caused by the negative emotional build up we have collected over time. This build up comes from such things as stress, emotional turmoil, trauma, all sorts of events that we have experienced and simply tucked away into our memory banks to forget about.

The problem is, our subconscious mind never forgets about anything - no matter how hard we try. Add to the mix things we have been taught through our life such things as "you have to work hard to be successful", or "without a college degree you'll never amount to much" or how about your parents sending you to college to become a lawyer, nurse or some other profession that they felt you should become in order to be successful.

Whatever the obstacle is, it is keeping you from achieving your goals and it is usually due to limiting beliefs that you have about your own abilities.

The key to removing a block is to first identify the area or areas that are blocked as well as the underlying causes (beliefs) and the related emotions. EFT is the tool of choice in resolving a block. EFT removes the zzzzzt which caused the disruption (the negative limiting belief) to your energy system to begin with. It takes the sting out of the emotion connected with the block. Once the emotional element has been removed, you can then think logically, clearly, rationally, about the problem or issue you need to focus on which is empowering!

Once you have tapped away the block(s), you will feel greater confidence, have clearer focus, keener perceptions, increased motivation, and be free to pursue your goals and achieve the success you desire.

The sky is the limit so to speak. I love the rapid results EFT gives my clients and they love learning this powerful, life changing tool because once they learn it, they have the ability to manage issues such as fear, pain, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, resentment, doubt, low self-esteem, sadness, jealousy or other negative emotions as they come up during the day by themselves. It truly is empowering and that is one of the qualities I admire most about EFT.

You can learn more about EFT by downloading a free EFT starter kit from my website or by visiting Once you understand how to use this dynamic tool, you become empowered and better able to have the quality of life or business you desire.

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EFT is a quick, painless and often permanent process through which you may be free from the negative emotions effecting your life and business. It is easily learned and is one of the best, most powerful skills you could ever possess!

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